Medical Analysis

The acreage of Medical Analysis, a allotment of Medical Transcription, has acquired and progressed so much, so that a above aggregate of the paperwork has been replaced by cyberbanking abstracts accumulator and management. Gone are the canicule if the harried practitioner had to address out and book abroad all the hand-written letters after any help; this getting a continued and annoying task. The apparatus of the micro-chip absolutely marks a accession in abstruse progress. This has in about-face paved the way for after inventions and innovations of authoritative all animal plan easier by the “byte”.

Why accept Medical Analysis as career?

Medical Analysis is one of the a lot of able career-options that has aided abounding in aggressive the accepted ‘Corporate Ladder’ and claiming a adequate alcove in the accumulated world, at a clip faster than one can imagine. In the present scenario, it is one of the a lot of advantageous occupations of the healthcare industry and provides acute job-satisfaction.

Some statistics accept apparent that Medical Analysis is one of the fastest growing areas of the healthcare industry that provides about 100% job security. Medical Analysis is about recession-proof.. No amount what the accompaniment of the economy, there will be a connected charge for Medical Analysts as patients and ill-health are not traveling anywhere! Buoyed by letters from NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), the MT industry is searching to abound and will hit a whopping 40 billion account in a abbreviate while, with application statistics of about 50,000.

A Medical Analyst transcribes, reads, edits, and about proof-reads and analyzes the transcribed medical documents. They accept to be actual acute and attuned to acrimonious up any errors fabricated during dictation or transcription, and banderole the archetype or acquaint the being in-charge, or the dictator. A Medical Analyst needs to accept a few primary skills:

# A fair ability of medical terminology

# A acceptable butt of grammar and spellings

# A agog eye for detail and error-spotting

# Basic operation of computers

# Acceptable accounting speed, etc

It requires acceptable training and convenance to accomplish the adapted akin of expertise.

Medical Analysis Training:

Various training programs accept been accomplished by abounding Medical Archetype companies. These training programs consistently cover approach classes and applied sessions, in a apish environment, as able-bodied as in real-time. In befitting with the accepted trend, there is never to be any curtailment of openings for Medical Analysts for a continued time to come. As continued as there are hospitals, clinics and the healthcare industry, there will be a charge for a connected arrival of acquiescent and accomplished Medical Analysts. Getting anon affiliated to healthcare and life-support, Medical Analysis is a actual able and advantageous acreage in agreement of anatomic and able satisfaction. It is an ideal career-choice for about anyone, irrespective of their educational accomplishments or age, and the allotment are lucrative. Moreover, there is adaptability in the best of abode and timings – it can be home-based or on site,depending on the transcriber.

Will Speech Recognition Technology yield over entirely?

A contempo affair for a lot of humans who plan to access the acreage of Medical Analysis, is whether Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) will alter Medical Analysts in the abreast future. SRT is one of the little accepted developments in technology. Having been about for about 30 years, it is yet to be perfected. Quite adverse to what humans assume to think, SRT has not airish a blackmail to the transcriptionists. The developments over 30 years accept been note-worthy, but hardly abundant to yield over a animal being’s plan even in the least. Here’s a anticipation to put your apperception at rest: No technology or apparatus can according the apperception of the animal mind. In a nutshell, SRT cannot absolutely yield over the job of a Medical Analyst. In contrast, it can be acclimated as a apparatus to aid the Medical Analyst. One of the drawbacks of SRT is that it cannot differentiate amid agnate aural words. There are apprenticed to be spelling and grammatical errors if transcribed actual by SRT were to go absolved and unedited. Medical Analysis is a profession area accurateness is critical. Until SRT is fine-tuned and tweaked by the developers to affected all areas of accessible error, the job lies in animal easily to affirm that a patient’s medical almanac is maintained in adjustment and is error-free. In addition, SRT can ensure a quicker turn-around time, and save costs, appropriately convalescent the ability of the Medical Analyst.

Industry Analysis


Nigerian Adaptable Telco has been referred to as the fastest growing bazaar in Africa. Nigerian telecoms came into boilerplate in 2001 if the deregulation of the subsector of the abridgement gave way to the clandestine involvement. The telecommunication arrangement was opened up with the arising of Global Arrangement for adaptable advice (GSM) unified authorization in 2001. GSM authorization in Nigeria amount about US$285million. Nigerian Telecommunication (NITEL) was the abandoned abettor in the bazaar afore 2001 with subscribers of about 500,000 from a citizenry of 140 million.

The deregulation conductor in telecom players like MTN, Glo Mobile, Zain aforetime Celtel, Etisalat, Visafone, Multilinks, Starcomm and Zoom aforetime Reltel. The telecom regulator in Nigeria is Nigerian Telecommunication Agency (NCC), with advertence to NCC Act 2003; 3-(1) “There is accustomed of a agency to be accepted as Nigerian Telecommunications Agency with albatross for the adjustment of the telecommunication area in Nigeria”.

Product/ bazaar Segmentation

The bazaar is disconnected into burghal and semi-urban, and rural market. Tele physique in the burghal is about 65% while semi burghal is about 45% and rural is beneath than 15%. Artefact Segmentation is GSM and CDMA.

Major Players

MTN, Zain, Glo and Etisalat ascendancy the GSM market. While Visafone, Multilinks, Starcomm and Zoom aforetime Reltel are CDMA artefact segment. The bazaar allotment of these aloft adaptable telecoms are MTN-40.54%, Zain- 30.20%, Glo Mobile-28.11 and Etisalat- 0.7%, M-Tel Adaptable buzz business of NITEL-0.45%. While Visafone leads the CDMA market, chase by Multilinks, Starcomms, and Zoom.

Fig.1. Bazaar shares (percentage of absolute subscriptions)

Factors affecting the industry

o Infrastructure

o Top demand

o Abundance problem

o Authoritative academy (NCC)

o Inadequate abject station

o Large market

o Bread-and-butter sabotage

o Interconnectivity problem

o Superior of Service-Due to the botheration of accommodation constraint

Product Differentiation

The telecom operators action agnate articles with slight aberration such as

– CDMA and GSM- Articulation Service

– VAS; SMS, adaptable news, online banking, music, abstracts card, etc

– With assorted artefact differentiation, articulation is the capital antecedent of assets for Telco in Nigeria.

Growth in the Industry

Nigeria has maintained its advance as African’s better telecom bazaar with alive subscribers of about 65million relegating South Africa to additional abode with about 45million subscribers. From a bit aloft 500,000 NITEL anchored wire band and adaptable subscribers in 2001. The industry grew to over 7million subscribers in 2004; in December 2008 the subscribers in the bazaar grew to 62.99million. An accession of 22.59 actor subscribers in 2008 abandoned represented 56% anniversary advance rate. Recent amount as at January 2009 put the subscribers’ abject at 64.16. While GSM subscribers are in the ambit of 57million, CDMA cable in Nigeria grew from just 380,000 in 2007 to added than 6million at the end of 2008. The country able address on Nigeria by Pyramid analysis declared that the bazaar grew by 23% with absolute industry acquirement of US$8.42billion. With adaptable assimilation of 42% acquirement will access to US$11.14billion by 2013 with forecasted anniversary access of 5.7%. The telecom bazaar has been called the better adaptable bazaar in Africa. Tele physique of 0.73% in 2001 has steadily access over the year to 33.72% as at December 2006 and about 45% accumulated in December 2008. The accepted bazaar installed accommodation is 117.892 actor as at December 2008. The adaptable industry ARPU in 2003 was about US$54 per ages but as at 2008 December was US$13.

Demand in the Industry

There is access in appeal due to;

o Citizenry access in burghal cities and metropolis

o Business purpose- Advance in SMEs

o Bigger Cyberbanking operations

o Competition-The aperture up of the bazaar to antagonism in all segments of the industry has resulted in aloft bead in amount for telecommunications services.


o Business amplification by the operator- CAPEX and OPEX investment in the industry

o Basement sharing

o Interconnectivity

o Fall in amount of subscription- Pre 2001, NITEL adaptable amount aloft #60,000 per line, afterwards the arising of GSM authorization from mid 2001, it amount #20,000 per line, and today, this amount has collapsed to about zero. Assessment for calls on GSM arrangement was #50 per minutes, today as low as #25 per minute (mobile to mobile). CDMA and anchored wireless assessment is even abundant lower.

Supply akin in the Industry

o The accumulation as commendations the artefact availability is auspicious compared to about 4 years ago but in agreement of account and chump achievement is the opposite

o The bazaar is still bedeviled by the bazaar baton MTN

o Basement in abbreviate supply

Benefit of Adaptable telecommunication Operation in Nigeria

o Create antagonism in the telecommunications industry

o Privatization of Government endemic telecom entities

o Telecommunication acceptable affordable to the accustomed Nigerians

o Added accessibility to telecom services

o Rural telecommunication activity is encouraged

o Access acquirement bearing for the government

o Creation of application befalling in Nigeria

Conclusion and Recommendation

The telecom industry in Nigeria is a goldmine; the development of telecom in Nigeria is so accelerated and gives the investors quick ROI added than what they could imagine. The authoritative physique (NCC) has to do a lot in Nigeria telecom development such as the affair of abundance or spectrum allocation, aswell the SIM allotment is taken aftereffect from July 2009 as able-bodied as the amount portability which is appointed to yield aftereffect from May 29 2009. If these are done able-bodied and successfully, the subscribers will accept addition adventure to acquaint analyze to what is accident anon in the industry which is characterized by top bead calls and bread-and-butter demolition a part of the aloft players vis-à-vis the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission. Federal government should aswell attending into the botheration of amusing basement such as electricity because this has added CAPEX and OPEX of the telecoms operators in Nigeria.

Telecommunication account providers should aggrandize their advantage above burghal areas unto rural areas as a lot of rural areas of the country are still after telecommunications arrangement coverage.

Rapid cycle out of arrangement assets such as abject base and switches, which should aftereffect in bigger superior of service; by convalescent on their manual basement beyond the country, optical cilia and bake manual curve should be constructed.